About Saturnae (or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace my Small Town)

Saturnae is a lifestyle blog coming out of a small town in Scotland.  In this blog, I will be reviewing and talking about all aspects of my life and is primarily aimed at those who live in small towns or communities, who like to be a little bit different, but who are often judged for it.  This is something I noticed especially after moving back from living in London for six years.  I will hold your hand and encourage you to be brave.

Most importantly, Saturnae will not be a glossy, magazine-style blog.  I fully acknowledge there is often not much to do in small towns, so I’ll be addressing all of this without sugarcoating it, as well as beauty and food, I will be reviewing books, television shows and movies.  I don’t travel as often as I used to, but I’ll be covering this as well.  The majority of my life will be covered, through the lens of not living in, or near, a big city.

If you live out in the middle of nowhere, can’t easily try products, wonder if somewhere is worth the trip or need something to do with your Friday and Saturday nights because your nearest club is 20 miles away, this blog is for you.

– A XoXo