Is it Worth it?: Beauty77 Beauty Product Surprise Mix Bundle (7 Items – cheap bargain makeup review @L’Oreal, Jordana, New Daiz)

I started this blog because I’m often looking for new things to try out, whether it be food, beauty products or anything else, really and I love a bargain.  Let’s face it – good for those bloggers who can consistently buy high end products , but for most of us (me included!), we often have to be happy just reading the reviews because those products are, at best, an occasional treat for us when we have a little spare from food, rent, etc.

Still, I enjoy makeup and I’ve found some cheaper items work just as well, or something can be a bargain if it’s a little more expensive but goes a long way. This section will be for those products\food\everything else that constitutes being thrifty 🙂

So when I was browsing eBay under the ‘makeup joblot’ tag (I think), I came across a listing for 7 items for £3.99, but you don’t get to know what these are.  That’s 57p per item. 
Now these can be full size product, samples…the full-size would be cheap, I knew, I was never expecting Chanel or even Bare Minerals, to say the least. Still, for the price of a bus ticket, what did I have to lose, really?  The samples will be in those little plastic folders that makeup artists in stores often use (as you’ll see below and some of my future reviews.)

The website on the packaging, Beauty77 or PB7Online, leads to Beauty Online Store.  Which appears to be a sort of online semichem kind of store. The items on there actually makes sense in the context of what I received.

You can buy the actual bundle here, should you fancy – Ebay Listing – of course, yours will be different.

Usual disclaimer this is not a sponsored post, I bought it with my own money. Regardless if I’m ever sponsored or not, I’ll always be honest and give my truthful opinion.  Informing my readers and stopping to wasting your money will always come before getting on a PR list.

On that note – Let’s open it up and have a look through what I got! 

L’Oreal Color Riche Samples

(Full Size of a Color Riche polish costs around £3)


Tahitian Pearl (900)

A sheer white with iridescent pink shimmer.

One coat of Tahitian Pearl. As you can see it didn’t do much. Bit of a sheen. 

Second coat.  Still very sheer but you can see where the pearl name comes from. It really does make your nails look like pearls. 

With a flash. The iridescence is even across the nail as I move my hands, even though it looks like it’s concentrated at the bottom there. 

I feel like this would be a beautiful bridal colour, or over maybe a nude, or just nice for work or school as it’s not really noticeable until your hands are in the light.  I would definitely buy a full size of this due to the versatility of the colour.

Peachy Pink (218) 

An er…peachy Pink! 😄 

Or a cream coral. 

The brush on mine was really odd, and made it really hard to paint with. Could have been an anomaly in the sample though as Tahitian Pearl was fine.

1 Coat

2 Coats – not much difference. 1 coat was a bit streaky. 

Both of these lasted for around 4 days before chipping, comparable to OPI on my nails and better than MAC (which lasts for around 2 before chipping)

Before this I hadn’t tried L’Oreal Colour Riche as I assumed because it was so cheap, it wouldn’t hold up to a more expensive brand. 

I would definitely buy this brand and product again.

Jordana Starliner in Classic Bronze 

New Daiz Lipstick (Unknown Colour but they’re sold by the pack anyway) 

The Starliner looks really good, it has a kind of retro Hollywood vibe.  And it’s HUGE so will last for a long time.  Sadly, I did not feel it performed well. It dragged, I had to press hard to get any colour and it did not give a smooth line at all, as you can see on my arm above, but I’ll also include a cringey photo of my lips lined in it too. 

I do not edit my pictures beyond colour correction so what you see is what you get.

Paired with Kylie Jenner’s Ginger. Note you can still see where it dragged? 

Despite the low cost and large amount for that, I would not buy this product again. 

I don’t know what colour this is as mine came broken, but I believe you can only buy them in a pack anyway. It’s a brick red, I’d say. As you can see on my arm, it’s a bit grainy too. 

It contains beeswax so is not suitable for vegans. 

Buy it Here! The pack is about £3 and easily found on eBay.

It’s quite a nice colour. Not a million miles off what Selena Quintanilla wore frequently, if you’re into that 90s vibe. 

They are very 90s colours and I was told by a friend that New Daiz are very popular in the Indian community.  It smudged easily and transferred a lot but did last through a meal and hey, I think it was fine for the price. 

I would definitely consider buying these again to keep as basics for work and stuff. A setting spray over it would probably help a lot. 

Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Trio in Twilight Glow 

This was a LE colour set but you can 

Buy on Amazon for £2.73

I could not find the individual colour names anywhere, so I’ll refer to them as “Blue, Brown and Bronze”. 

Surprisingly I loved this.  It reminded me more of the ocean or a beach holiday than a “twilight glow” with the sea, sand etc. 

The colours applied well, were vibrant and a bit opalescent. To say shimmery wouldn’t be accurate, because they weren’t glittery but kind of metallic, almost. 

I think there’s little point in swatching eyeshadow on arms because it always looks different to me on my lids. Bear in mind that these are not completed makeup, just showing how the colours look on my lid, so no eyeliner etc.

Blue – bit 80s eh? 😁



I’d wear them like this, probably; 

I hadn’t tried Wet n Wild before this review but I would definitely buy their products again.  3 for £3 for full sized, in my opinion, you cannot go wrong, especially for a throwaway seasonal look.
Jordana Eyeshadow in Banana 🍌 

I’m a bit baffled by this. It doesn’t show up on my lids at all, but that may be cos I’m so pale. 

It did the colour correction thing of toning down red though.  It is very finely milled and has a silky texture but to get a colour you would really have to pack it on. 

To further prove my point of how deceiving a swatch can be, this is the same colour on my eye: 

On a base of foundation – It went on really patchy and took loads to show up. Again, maybe cos I’m pale but the patchiness for me would make me not want to buy this again. 

Not doing well, Jordana…! 😢 

L’Oreal Paris Glam Bronze Duo 

102 Brunette Harmony 

Buy from Amazon (£10.44)
Last one! And another L’Oreal.  I worked out by googling that this is the Glam Bronze Duo in “Brunette Harmony” 

I contour on a daily basis, but often have toruble with colours being too dark or too Orange toned. 

Let’s have a look.

Despite the small samples, the product distributed well and did not streak.  It wasn’t super dark either so I felt like I could build it easily. 

Right side (your right) is contoured with the Glam Bronze, left side is just foundation. The lighter Bronze is also dusted down my nose. 

It wore well for the full day and I did not need to reapply.  I also got a lot more comments on how heathy I looked haha (of course I did both sides before venturing out! 😁) 

I usually use Anastasia Beverly Hills to contour but of course this is much cheaper and, in my mind, did a great job and would probably last longer as I needed less to achieve the same result. 

I may buy another of these, it was fun to try out new things and to find that cheaper products work just as well sometimes as more expensive brands. I mean, I own a marketing agency and even I fall for the hype sometimes. 

Hope you have a great weekend! 

What are you all up to? I’m volunteering on a conservation project 🙂 


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