Kylie Jenner X Kim Kardashian KKW Lip Set Review and Swatches 

This cost $45 Plus $15 Shipping

I happened to spot this for sale totally by accident.  It was a bit of an impulse purchase beaucause I ((totally)) need more pinks and nudes. 

I should add I bought this, I am not on Kylie’s PR list – I should be so lucky, right?! Haha 

Even if I were you’d still get an honest review. If I’m knocked off a PR list for something that didn’t work for me, c’est la vie.

Ahem. Let me leave my personal lipstick issues at the door and get on with reviewing this. 

Although…that did give me an idea for another review. 


As usual, this will be an honest review and my own opinions, which means my experience of these products may differ from yours.  If you’re a Kylie or Kim super fan and don’t like constructive criticism of their products, please stop reading now. 

The sliding box is cute, but I find it can be a little awkward to get into and the card sometimes sticks.  My box came damaged at the corner like that, that wasn’t a result of trying to open it. 

The colours are actually a good range, going from light brown, to pink, to pinky orange, to a really dark brown.  I was glad (and a little surprised) that it wasn’t just a range of nudes. My first impression was honestly “I don’t know where I’ll ever wear that orange one…” 

The four colours in a little more detail.  Still hard to see in the tube, but that is how they look in the light of my room. 

Here are some arm swatches, which gives a better idea.  Same order. 

KiKi is the orange one I was talking about.  I think it would look AMAZING on tanned skin though.  You can see here that Kimmie is a flat brown, KiKi is an orange with a pink undertone, Kim is a nude-toned pink and Kimberley is a brown with more of a reddish undertone. Brick red maybe? All the colours dry to a matte, though not quite as matte as Kylie’s for me. 

They’re all named after Kim’s various names and nicknames, by the way. 

Finally, what they look like on my lips. Bear in mind I’m incredibly pale 🙂 

“Kim” was INCREDIBLY patchy on me. I tried to clean it up as well as a I could and I hope you can get an idea of what it looks like on.

As far as texture goes, my favourites were Kimmie and Kimberley, KiKi and Kim were quite patchy and hard to apply evenly for me. Even with a primer and my usual concealer over my lips as a base, I found the texture very thin and uneven.  Kimmie and Kimberley were a dream to apply.  The other two seemed to have a much thinner formulation for some reason. 

I feel it’s important to be honest about my experience with these products as, while Kylie will likely never read this, anyone buying this will know exactly what they might experience before buying. 

I would say that in the lexicon of Kylie’s products, this isn’t up there with the greats (and she does have some amazing products).  By all means get it if you’re a Kardashian super-fan, but you honestly can find much better matte pink and orangey pink shades from other brands. 

As always, thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed and gained something from this review.  

Have you tried these? Are these on your wish list? Did you have a better experience? 

Drop a comment and let me know ♥️ 

Ciao for now Saturbaes. 


2 thoughts on “Kylie Jenner X Kim Kardashian KKW Lip Set Review and Swatches 

    1. Thanks! Inspired by Colour Those Lips blog here, please feel free also to leave your reviews\blog with a comment too. I wanna get to know you all ♥️🙂
      Love your blog, btw – I had a proper read this afternoon 🙂

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