Quick, Natural Makeup (for Meetings, Work) 


For this blog, I’ll just basically be documenting my life. I may get a product to review, I may review a TV show or film, I may document a makeup look I’m doing to go out.  

This look took me ten minutes and was for a meeting of the local Community Council, on which I sit. I don’t like going out barefaced but my work often calls for an underrated look. 

This is also perfect if you’re running out the door. 

Let’s begin! 

Apply your foundation. I’m currently using Revlon’s Nearly Naked in Shell. It’s actually a little dark for me, but I’m so pale, it’s hard to find  one light enough. I usually mix this with a lightening lotion from South Korea.

Use a caramel colour on the lid, and a darker brown in the crease.  I used Luscious and Caramelized from the Sweet Peach Palette. 

Blend well. 

This video will help with blending much more than I ever could 😁

Blend Your Eyeshadow Like A Pro Video
I also used a dark brown shadow on my brows.

I always wear winged eyeliner. I use MAC’s, which is my personal favourite. This is the Selena edition (I bought the whole collection!)

Put a dot at the corner of each eye then connect it – that’s the best way I’ve found to get it even.

Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Add Mascara.  

Sorry about my well used palette! 😁 I need a new one soon. 

Contour as you usually would. I know everyone has their own technique, but this photo from Tina Yong shows the basics. 

Blend well.

Tina Yong’s Contour Guide

I’m addicted to this. Again, you’ll see how worn I is and I’ve not had it that long. I want to try the vanilla one too. This is in Cotton Candy Cream, it’s a pinky-brown shimmer.  I use this on my cheekbones, but also sometimes as a bronzer, down my nose and across my forehead (anywhere the sun would hit).

Keeping with the pinks and brown theme, I finally used Kylie Jenner’s Matte Lipstick in Candy K. 

Feel free to swap any of this out for similar products, of course. 

The finished look – as you can see it’s very subtle. 

A close-up to see the colours on the eyelid.  My wings don’t match perfectly but shh 😄😂😅

Once you get the hang of this, you can honestly do this look in less than ten minutes. 

Hope this was useful for someone! 

Next time, I’ll be talking about a little place I visited in the North of Scotland over the weekend ♥️

– A XoXo 


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